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Our Products

A combination of software and a portal for parents, students, and staff that provides the school with bespoke management of academic, administrative, and financial information; in this way, manual work is reduced, repetitive tasks are eliminated, and problem resolution is accelerated.

Software that supports the administration in delivering educational courses and learning programs. It’s a fundamental component of an effective learning strategy.

Datalinx provides human resource system aimed at payroll and benefits administration, recruiting, employee performance evaluations and compliance with company policies.

Datalinx’s booking system will save you time, improve your customer bookings, and help you to keep track of your client base.

Logistics and trucking companies today have to manage their own orders, while they improve their systems and operations. In order to deliver a flawless service, you need an integrated system with a reliable partner. Datalinx can provide you with the most efficient logistics back office management system.

Inventories aren’t only necessary in a restaurant business. Every business needs to keep an eye on its stocks because this is a vital part of overall financial management. Keeping inventory up to date and accurate is a must for any successful restaurant.

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