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School Management System

Online Admission

Manage all the activities involved during the student enrollment process and combine them into a cloud-based system.
The main objective of the enrollment system is to help staff members enroll students and maintain their records.

Enrollment Monitoring Board

Easy access board to monitor the number of enrollees. You can determine the necessary paperwork and information still required and can plan follow-up if necessary.

RFID Monitoring

Actual faculty and staff attendance is monitored through RFID, which reduces downtime in payroll computation.

This technology provides a convenient way for employees to clock in and out without having to use a manual time clock or punch card system.

Payroll Management System

Integrated payroll computation with RFID attendance to produce accurate results.

A system that keeps track of the attendance of employees in real-time has a lot of benefits for any organization. Not only does it help businesses save money, but it can also help improve performance by ensuring that all employees are present at work and working efficiently.

Basic Finance

A financial management tool that includes an organization's accounting and budgeting functions. The main goal is to assist owners and top management in efficiently distributing resources to promote growth and organizational sustainability.
Basic finance assists in both planning for future needs and meeting current obligations.

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Registrar Recording

A recording system that records all activities related to the students, teachers, and staff members in the institution.

The system makes it easy to track student academic performance, attendance, grade and attendance records, which in turn helps with better management of the institution.
It is also easy to access the information at any time through the online portal or offline software.

Auto generated report forms
(SF Forms DepEd standards)

Automated report form is a tool that allows teachers to save time and focus on what they do best.

It saves time. Spending less time completing reports will give you more time for preparing learning materials or grading tests. You will be able to spend more quality time with your students too!

Online and Offline operation

The platform is a web-based software that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and allows users to work from home with auto-syncing features for a real-time report. By logging into their accounts, users can access the system from their mobile phones as well as their laptops.

The system was designed so that it does not require any additional hardware or software to function. You only need an internet connection to get started!

Clinic Management and Monitoring

In order to ensure the safety of students, nurses at schools are required to monitor their health and develop plans of action in case of an emergency. The information collected by nurses is used to plan health care services, create a database of student information, and provide feedback to parents.

This program is designed to help nurses manage their daily workloads more efficiently by providing them with information about the students' medical needs.

The monitor check that alerts nurses to abnormalities and allows them to plan appropriate management. It also includes a list of students who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated.