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Human Resource Management System

Payroll System

Human resource department encompasses several functions such as recruitment, employee training and development, and compensation (including benefits, bonuses, commission payments) etc. It ensures that the company policies and system function as intended. With Datalinx; this feature integrates with the payroll system and produces a summary of staff and employee performance necessary for due appraisal.

Booking System
Resorts and Clinics

Booking and Reservations

Reservations are an important part of running a successful business, and when you're looking to improve your business operations, streamlining your booking system is a great place to start. Manual booking systems can be time-consuming and tedious, and they don't always provide guests with the best experience. Take the stress out of booking operations in your business! Datalinx can implement an automated booking system that will take care of everything from initial contact to confirmation. This can also save you from losing potential clients who aren't able to get in touch with someone in your organization or who don't know how to find out about all of your available options, special offers, and so on.

Logistics and Trucking System

Productive Logistics System

It is a known fact that logistics and trucking plays a vital role in business. Thus providing a logistics system is crucial to improve productivity in all phases of operation, from processing orders, managing inventory and conveying orders. This area is the key factor for your business growth. With Datalinx’s functional and efficient logistics system it will improve your supply chain visibility. Save cost and streamline plans.

Restaurant and Inventory System

Efficient inventory System

The restaurant inventory system plays a big role in the restaurant business. It is used to track and manage all the food, drinks, and other items in the restaurant. It also helps to control the cost of supplies and avoid unnecessary costs. Having a good inventory system can help you to take control of your restaurant business and improve its profit.